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Route Soil (Geotechnical) Investigation
Deep soil (Geotechnical) investigation
Quality control management
Soil Testing and Laboratory Analysis
Standard Penetration tests , SPT.
Destructive and Non-destructive Testing
Condition Surveys and Integrity Assessment
Geotechnical and Structural Analysis
General Construction

Sieve analysis (wet and dry)

California bearing ration (CBR) test on undisturbed & disturbed sample.

Standard proctor compaction test

Modified proctor compaction test

Specific gravity test

Soil PH Value

Chemical content test  Chloride, Sulphate

Organic content determination tests

Determination of Atterberg limits (liquid & plastic)

Linear shrinkage

Consolidation (Oedometer) test

In-situ density tests

Moisture content tests

Unit weight determination tests

Direct Shear Tests

Concrete Compressive tests 

Concrete coring (Destructive in-situ tests)

Standard penetration test (Up to 20m)