Geotechnical Investigation

Terracorn Engineering conduct investigation to determine relevant geotechnical parameters required for adequate design of road pavements, bridges, foundations for structures etc.


Material Testing

Terracorn Engineering have a standard laboratory that is well equipped with soil testing equipment, for carrying out various laboratories testing ranging from basic soil classification to strength and material suitability determination.

Destructive Test

Structural Integrity Assessment

Terracorn Engineeringemploy both destructive and Non Destructive approaches to structural testing to determine the sbility of structures to withstand proposed loads and its suitablity for intended uses throughout its predicted lifetime.


Capacity Building

We continually strive to improve our efficiency through the acquisition of new technology, updated skills and knowhow. Also, we have successfully trained numerous professionals on best practices in material testing and geotechnical engineering.

Highway designs

We design roads using the most economical techniques with updated tools in line with standard engineering practices