How do i launch the software?
Ans: Double -Click on the ‘Terraconc App’ Icon on the desktop or Click on
‘Start’ , scroll to ‘Terraconc App’ and Click.

What does the software do?
Ans: It is a Concrete Compressive Strength analysis tool (desktop software)
suitable for organizations that deal with concrete.
It helps to Calculate the concrete Strength, density and keep track of all your
concrete data in one place. It also helps in
managing your testing schedules and keep track of your overall quality

How do I register the software?
Ans: You need to get the installer and license key from the author. The license
is valid for one machine only except otherwise

Does it require internet access to activate the software?
Ans: Yes. You need internet access to validate your license, but you do not
need internet to use the software.

How many users can use the software?
Ans: An unlimited number of users can use the software on the same machine. You
however need multiple licenses to use it
on multiple machines.

Who can add and remove users?
Ans: The admins and Licensee can add and remove users by clicking ‘Add User’ or
‘Edit User’.Also, the admins and licensee
can change the roles of any user except the role of the licensee.

Can everybody make changes to the data on the program?
Ans: No. Only Admin and Licensee can make changes.

Do I require internet access to use the software?
Ans: No

Who can activate the software?
Ans: The licensee is expected to activate the software. This is because the
licensee has an elevated rights compared to other

Does the program have a user guide to help assist first time users?
Ans: Yes. A user guide is attached to the application.

How many numbers of projects can you have?
Ans: You can run an unlimited number of projects.

Can the data provided to the software be edited?
Ans: Yes. The Admins and Licensee can make changes. However, projects and
batches that have valid registered concrete
strength values cannot be deleted.

How can one go about if he/she misplaces the password?
Ans: Licensee can contact the author for support if he/She misplaces login
credentials.Admins and other users can use
recovery Question to reset their credentials.

What is the batch schedule?
Ans: The batch schedule represents a single batch of concrete mixed for use.

What does the specimen specification do?
Ans: The specimen information details the size,shape and quantity of concrete
specimens made from a single batch of concrete.
This program supports a maximum number of 18 specimens per batch.

How does the specimen specification help generate specimen ID?
Ans: When you click ‘Generate ID’,the program ascribes an Identity to each
specimen. This is done to ease data entry for the user.

Are the specimen details sensitive to wrong data provided?
Ans: Ultimately, the results obtained are a function of the inputs from the
user. It is important that a professional is tasked with
monitoring data entry.

What is group details?
Ans: Often, Concrete specimens are tested in groups. This program supports a
maximum of 3 groups with a maximum of 6
specimens per group.

Is there a recovery file in case of uncompleted data entry?
Ans: Data is only saved when the user clicks ‘Save’ or ‘Apply’ depending on the

Can you print out just a single group result?
Ans: Yes You can print and generate pdf reports for each group and also for a
complete batch

Can two people access the account simultaneously?
Ans: Yes The program recognizes the username and password of any single
individual even if a number of users use the same

Can two users have the same Username?
Ans: No. Each username is unique and cannot have duplicates.

Is it possible to get the project details on the field sheet?
Ans:Yes.The field sheet is included to manage the field specimen
collection,Laboratory testing as well as data entry. It is
important that this sheet be used throughout the batching and testing process
to ease data entry.

Is there a graphical presentation on strength test provided?
Ans: As at this time? No .

How do I uninstall the program?
Ans: You can uninstall the program by double-Clicking on the set-up file and
clicking Remove program. You can also uninstall
on the machine’s programs and features.

What happens when you uninstall the program?
Ans: The program including your data is deleted permanently.

How do I upload and retrieve my data from the cloud?

You have to click “Manage Cloud Data Storage” and consent to taking the action.

How do I transfer my license to another system? Ans: You have to click “Change
Computer” and consent to taking the action.